This Father’s Day

Yes, Father’s Day is this Sunday, but there’s no need to panic, especially if the father in question is a Mad Men watching, midcentury modern appreciating, graphic designing type of dad. I give you: a 1946 first printing of At Daddy’s Office, illustrated by Caldecott winner Roger Duvoisin. Pour Daddy a martini, and watch him reflect on where his stable of stenographers has gone.

At Daddy's Office, 1946. Productivity is off the (framed) chart!


Mary scans the tabloids.

Welcome to the office!

"Up they went, all the way to the 22nd floor."

Miss Wilcox on the water cooler.

Miss Scudder on the keyboard.

Mary, intoxicated with power, enjoys her first restaurant lunch.

You’re welcome. Happy Father’s Day!

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