I’ll be raising my blog game in the months to come, but on this green April morning, I just want to acknowledge that the kid was right: colored ribbon for the win.


Kings, Queens, Brooklyn

A couple of years ago, I picked up this pretty vintage copy of Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon’s Kings and Queens, a verse history of the English monarchy, first published in 1932. The book made a palpable, improbable hit with my first grader, who loved the sketchy kings:

“John, John, bad King John / Shamed the throne that he sat on.”

“Nobody dared / To say a word, / And Crookback Dick / Became Richard the Third.”

“Please remember James was not / An English monarch, but a Scot. / Also, James had goggle eyes, / And drank more liquor than was wise.”

The British Library just reissued Kings and Queens in a facsimile edition, with the original illustrations by Rosalind Thornycroft. I promptly ordered three copies. The kid’s response? “Fine, but you can’t sell OUR COPY.”

So here’s Kings and Queens, not for sale. At least not yet. Maybe never.

Roll The Credits

The first Honey & Wax blog post has to be a shout-out to those who brought you this website: Mika Babcock, presiding from above, and our crack Brooklyn team: Brigid Cabry Nelson on design, Lou Melledy on construction, Melea Seward on strategy, Matt Carr on photography, Cristina Payne on PhotoShop, Erik DuRon on dinner, and Lily O’Donnell on dessert.