Changes at Honey & Wax

Today I am excited – with a forgivable pang of regret — to share the news that Rebecca Romney is leaving Honey & Wax to open a new rare book gallery in Washington, D.C., Type Punch Matrix, in partnership with longtime ABAA bookseller Brian Cassidy.

It’s been a joy to work with Rebecca at Honey & Wax, and a thrill to watch her plans for Type Punch Matrix take shape. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished together these past three years, not only in our daily bookselling, but also in our work on the ABAA Women’s Initiative and the Honey & Wax Book Collecting Prize. Rebecca will remain as a Honey & Wax prize judge, and she and I will continue to work together on new projects that advance our shared goal of a more inclusive, vibrant book world. I know that everyone reading this will be as eager as I am to scout the shelves of Type Punch Matrix in 2020.

Next week, on July 10, Rebecca and I will deliver the 2019 Malkin Lecture at Rare Book School, “The Right and Wrong Ways to Collect.” I’ll be teaching at the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (with Brian!) from July 14 to 20, and shooting this year’s Honey & Wax print catalog in August. Our book fair season picks up again with the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair on September 7 and 8, and we’ll announce our latest round of prize winners in September as well. So stay tuned!


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