The ABAA Women in Bookselling Initiative

It’s been a real thrill to help launch the ABAA Women in Bookselling Initiative, from our first trade networking events in 2016 and 2017:

. . .  to the ABAA tribute to longtime California bookseller Carol Sandberg in Los Angeles this February:

. . .  to our first foray into public programming last month in New York, a panel discussion on the subject of Collections and Women (video here), moderated by ABAA bookseller Nina Musinsky, featuring librarians and scholars from the New York Public Library, the New-York Historical Society, and the University of Virginia:

The goals of the Women’s Initiative, laid out in the ABAA committee statement, are “to support women book and manuscript sellers, create policies that promote gender equity in the trade, facilitate recruitment efforts aimed at women book and manuscript sellers, and expand diversity in the market by developing women as collectors and in collections.”

And our goal at Honey & Wax? Gender parity in the ABAA in our lifetime, and more independent women booksellers across the trade. Perhaps unrealistic, but we’re going to do what we can.

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